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Discovery Center

Preventing the Loss of Important Data

If you’ve ever lost changes to a document, you know you can’t be too careful when it comes to backing up your work. Corel Write has a couple of features that help you prevent accidental loss of data: automatic backup and auto save.

If you want a backup copy of every document you create, turn on the Create Backup option. Whenever you make changes to a document, the previous version is saved as a backup file (with an .abk extension).

To turn on the automatic backup:
1. Click Tools > Options. The General options are shown by default.
2. In the Assurance section, place a check in the Create Backup checkbox.
3. Click OK.

Should you ever need to revert to a backup copy, you open it just as you would any other file. The trick is to set the file type to show all of the backup files.

To open a backup file:
1. Click the Open button on the Quick Access toolbar.
2. Open the Files of type list and select Corel Write Backup (.abk).
3. Select the backup file from the file list. The backup file has the same name as the original file, with the .abk extension.

While many users have developed their own systems for saving periodically, some of us just can’t get into the habit. The Autosave option acts as a safety net, automatically saving your changes at a predetermined interval. For most documents, there isn’t a pause during the save process, but for larger documents, the hesitation may be more significant. For this reason, you may want to increase your backup interval for long, complex documents.

To turn on the Autosave option:
1. Click Tools > Options. The General options are shown by default.
2. Click Open & Save in the left pane.
3. Enable the Autosave every check box.
4. Use the spinner arrows to adjust the save interval.
5. Click OK.