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Volume Licensing

Invest in Maintenance

Make the most of your Corel software investment by taking advantage of Maintenance—the flexible, cost-effective route to upgrade protection.

Purchased in conjunction with your product license, Maintenance ensures that your software is always convenient and up to date. It offers numerous entitlements, including the following:

Upgrade Fulfillment

Receive the latest version of your Corel software as soon as it is issued, for one or two years (duration varies depending on product) following the date of your Maintenance purchase.

Backward licensing

You may use licensed software one version back from the current version. This permits all entitlements to current licensing programs to be furnished to customers using a previous version of the software.

Multilingual licensing

Corel will issue software in the language designated for your region. You may request any other language available from Corel. If you require a language not available in your region, you may contact your Corel representative to obtain the required language (subject to availability).