Corel Painter Master - Pascal Sibertin

Name: Pascal Sibertin
Occupation/Profession: Illustrator, Educator
Location: Paris
Hobbies: Music and Drums


How long have you been in this profession?
15 years

Why did you choose this profession?
It's not a choice, it's my life!

What are your most important accomplishments?
The universe of my comic books: D-RobaZ

Describe a special moment in your career.
When I discovered that I could draw with a computer, it liberated my creativity and technique.

How long have you used Painter?
10 years, since Painter 3!

Why did you choose Painter?
It is the best software to compose images with realistic and reactive materials.

What are your top five favourite Painter features?
Natural medias - layer fusion - patterns/texture/paper - Liquid Ink

How do you feel about Painter?
With Painter I can express the feeling of love and sensitivity with both Painter and my Wacom Intuos tablet.


I always draw with Painter from the start of a rough sketch to the finale painting. Layer by layer, I work with the Scratchboard Tool, Watercolor and some custom brushes.