Corel Painter Master - Nomi Wagner

Name: Nomi Wagner
Occupation/Profession: Portrait artist
Employer: Self
Location: Mandalay Beach at Channel Islands (Oxnard), CA
Hobbies: Yoga, reading, crossword puzzles


I am a full-time portrait artist specializing in personalized paintings and drawings of children and families. A Los Angeles portrait photographer for twenty years, my clients included major corporations, celebrities, and thousands of families. In 1992, I found a new outlet to creatively express my passion for portraiture. My husband, Gerry Beane, read about Painter when it was first released and knew immediately that I would love it. I was already studying life drawing and art history at UCLA, but I added graphic design, color theory and computer graphics classes. I then enrolled at the California Art Institute to learn traditional drawing and painting. My goal was to draw and paint portraits traditionally, using Painter as my medium.

As a pioneer in the digital art field, I am proud to be a Corel Painter Master. I use photos for reference and inspiration, but I do not manipulate the photographs. Instead, I begin with a blank computer "canvas" file and paint stroke by stroke in a conventional watercolor style, using a stylus and graphics tablet to create a completely original work of art. I have customized my Painter "brushes" to simulate actual watercolor brushes and pastels, and I literally mix my fresh colors right on the canvas. My portraits are labor intensive and take weeks to complete, the same as traditional paintings.

It is a magical experience for me to watch the spirit, character and inner beauty of my subjects emerge as I paint each stroke. I find personal fulfillment from doing the work I love and bringing joy to my clients by creating portraits they can appreciate every day and pass on to future generations. It is my privilege to provide them with art that reminds them of the things that matter most in their lives—the people they love!

My proudest professional achievement is the large amount of money my art has raised at fundraisers for many worthy causes all over the country. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to work with non-profit organizations and to help others, near and far, through my work.

My husband Gerry owns Mandalay Fine Art in Ventura, California. Gerry prints my work and the work of many other artists and photographers all over the country. We live at Mandalay Beach in Oxnard, California. We have five children and ten grandchildren.

My mission is to bring fine art into people's homes by creating portraits of their loved ones. It is my goal to have everyone surrounded each day with beautiful images from their lives. I am deeply grateful to my associates at Corel Painter and my clients, friends and family for their continued support which has allowed me the opportunity to make painting my life's work.