Corel Painter Master - Miklós Földi

Name: Miklós Földi
Painting Style: Digital painting, traditional oil painting, concept art, illustration
Location: Veszprém, Hungary


Tell us about yourself and your studies.
I graduated from the faculty of IT but I also studied architecture for a short time. Besides my studies, I started to deal with oil paintings when I was young–I consider this and my digital art activities my profession.

What kind of work do you like to do?
For the moment I am self-employed and I do projects for photographers and other clients. Nearly a year ago, I teamed up with my friend, photographer Peter Nagy, and since then we've been creating artworks and experimenting with different photographic styles. We gave the name "Miki et Petur" to our association.

When did you start using Painter?
Twelve years ago, an American gallery that deals with digital art contacted me about my traditional works. They told me that if I could learn how to create digital paintings, they could offer me employment. That was when I bought my first Wacom Intuos 2 tablet (which I still use) and started to use Corel Painter. Learning these new methods and meeting the gallery's expectations was not easy at first, but all I know came from that period, and I'm infinitely grateful for that.

Of course plenty of perseverance, enthusiasm, support, and self-improvement led to where I am today, but I think the most exciting time is just about to begin.

What other products do you use with Painter?
Besides Painter, I use Adobe Photoshop and Wacom Intuos tablet.

What do you like most about Painter?
At the beginning, I was looking for software that could represent the techniques of oil painting and had a varied artistic palette. Twelve years ago or now, I can't imagine a better one than Corel Painter.

Have you done anything with Painter that surprised you, or that you hadn't anticipated being able to do?
Initially, I was really surprised about the authentic interface Corel offered me. But today I see it as my natural surface, as a canvas. It has been very interesting to see how after many years my traditional and digital works affect each other. There was a time when I could perfectly separate the two kinds. I thought differently about an oil painting or a digital work. Today, I think that these two methods affect and inspire each other.

Tell us about your most recent projects with Painter.
Over the last year, I've received a lot of inspiration from the world of fashion. I have asked several famous and respected photographers if I could re-think their works. The feedback from my experiments was interesting: I received words of appreciation and encouragement from a lot of unconventional photographers and models. I think this feedback has helped me to see my own values more clearly.