Corel Painter Master - John Dismukes

Name: John Dismukes
Occupation/Profession: Graphic designer
Employer: Co-founder of Capstone Studios, Inc.
Location: Orange County, California


In the mid-1980s, John Taylor Dismukes and Jo-Anne Redwood launched Capstone Studios, Inc., a full-service design firm specializing in logo identities and entertainment design. John's work differentiates Capstone and sets the company apart from its competitors with highly illustrious, detailed artistry.

For the first few years, the artwork Capstone produced was painstakingly executed by hand, using traditional methods of airbrushing, inking with elaborate friskets, and working on oversized canvases to produce the detail its clients came to expect. When computers were first introduced, John immediately embraced the concept and grasped that a new evolutionary stage in illustration execution was about to radically change the way artists would produce their work.

Since then, Capstone has expanded its services and industries to include logo design, graphic design, game design, interactive design, hospitality and publishing. Capstone Studios has received numerous awards for graphic and logo design for Entertainment Tonight, Jurassic Park, Addams Family, Spy Kids II and myriads of others.

Says John Dismukes:
The design below is a highly polished piece, created in Corel® Painter™, that garnered awards and accolades for our clients and resulted in a four-year campaign due to its overwhelming success. Screaming was created for Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Event. The clients were looking for a design with a spooky but edgy look that would attract a hip, young crowd. They did not want to have just a stereotypical Halloween image; they wanted something a bit more upscale, something that evoked sophisticated terror.

The original request from the clients was to have the Screaming icon built as a three-dimensional (3D) model. Given the time and effort it takes to build 3D artwork, we have found that creating a 3D illustration first is more cost-effective. This way, if our clients make changes, it is easier to comply with them. This is especially true in Corel Painter, which allows an accurate depiction of what a 3D model would look like. We have found that most people who have seen the amazing 3D effects in our illustrations no longer want the actual 3D model.