Corel Painter Master - Jeremy Sutton

Name: Jeremy Sutton
Occupation/Profession: Artist
Location: San Francisco, CA


Jeremy Sutton, an artist who combines digital and traditional media and techniques, has used Painter since soon after its launch 20 years ago, and worked closely with the Painter development teams at Fractal Design, MetaCreations and Corel as a beta tester, evangelist and demonstrator. Jeremy has written six books (the most recent being Painter 11 Creativity: Digital Artist's Handbook, published by Focal Press), produced two instructional VHS video series and six DVDs, founded the online training web site (and produced numerous tutorial videos and other content for the site), exhibited his artwork internationally and been a featured platform presenter at major conferences around the world, including SIGGRAPH, Macworld (San Francisco and Tokyo), WPPI and Imaging USA. He received the Photographic Craftsman award from the Professional Photographers of America in 2009.

Born in London, Jeremy's background combines science and art. He studied life-drawing, sculpture and print-making at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art at Oxford University 1979-82, and developed black and white photographic prints in the Pembroke College darkroom, while earning a degree in Physics. He continued to study lithography and life-drawing at the Vrije Academie in The Hague, The Netherlands. After a career in superconducting magnet sales and marketing that brought him to live in Silicon Valley in 1988, having his first one man show in the US in 1989, Jeremy became a full time artist in 1994. Subjects who have sat for their portraits by Jeremy include luminaries such as entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, baseball legend Willie Mays, former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown and software pioneer Dame Stephanie Shirley. His work has been exhibited in the Jewish Museum, San Francisco, and the Tech Museum, San Jose, (which has his work in their permanent collection). Jeremy's paintings are in public and private collections internationally.

Jeremy has been teaching since 1985, when he started teaching a series of drawing workshops in the Netherlands. Since then he has taught at numerous institutions around the world, including at the San Francisco State University New Media Center, the Academy of Art University, Expression Center for New Media and the American Film Institute.

In 2010, Jeremy was hired by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco to perform a tableau vivant portrayal of the impressionist painter Edgar Degas, creating drawings and paintings of ballet dancers at the de Young and Legion of Honor Museums, and subsequently to portray Vincent van Gogh, also painting in front of audiences at the de Young Museum. Jeremy was commissioned by the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation to paint a 6-foot wide, 400 lb Heart, subsequently purchased by Visa, as part of the 2011 Hearts in San Francisco fundraiser. Jeremy combined digital and traditional media on the Heart, which is on public display until October 2011 in Union Square, the commercial heart of San Francisco.

Jeremy is a lively and engaging teacher and presenter. He runs workshops in his San Francisco Studios and Gallery as well as around the world.

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Says Jeremy Sutton

"My paintings evolve like improvisational dance. The process follows its own path, colors being chosen intuitively, surprises unfolding in every moment, each brush stroke feeling its way into the painting. I sculpt in color and form, continuously transforming and remolding my image, like working with wet, malleable clay."