Corel Painter Master - Jane Conner-ziser

Name: Jane Conner-ziser
Occupation/Profession: Photographer, digital artist, educator
Employer: freelance
Location: Ormond Bch, FL
Hobbies: Outdoor activities, reading, writing, cooking & music

Jane's background is in fine arts and photography, having her first art lessons at the age of seven. Jane taught Intermediate Drawing and a Painting Workshop at Florida Southern College and has made her career in professional portraiture and retouching arts. With 25 years in the portrait photography industry, eighteen of them in digital imaging, Jane is a forerunner in her field. She is considered to be one of the industry's top experts in fine art portrait retouching, image enhancements and portrait painting. Her techniques are sought after and emulated throughout the professional portrait industry. In addition to being a Corel Painter Master, she is a Canon Print Master, past co chair of the Digital Committee for the Professional Photographers of America and is a consultant to many of the industry's top vendors in developing cooperative technology in order bring emerging technologies into practical and profitable applications in real world studio photography. Her clients have included Canon, Marathon Press, Kodak, Art Leather and numerous professional color labs and private corporations throughout the United States and abroad. Her wide range of knowledge, talent, experience and her vivacious style of presentation make her one of the most popular instructors in the industry today.

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Says Jane:

For me, the important part of my art lies in continuing to explore new things, have new experiences and to live outside of my career focus. I believe that great art comes from great spirit, great emotions and great freedom. Great portraits need to either look like the person or feel like the person. Great business is knowing the customer's best angles, what the home d?cor is like, and what their interests are so I can create something they want to buy, which might not be what I would paint for myself - so my style would be called "chameleon". I derive great pleasure from teaching because it's not about me – it's about helping others find the artists within themselves. I receive from getting to see people open up and discover new worlds in Painter.

I've been painting with technology for a LONG time, so thank you Corel for taking this amazing program and developing it into such a sophisticated tool for artists that we don't feel like we're anywhere but "in the paint"!