Corel Painter Master - Heather Michelle

Name: Heather Michelle
Occupation/Profession: Professional Artist, Instructor, Photographer, PPA Master Artist (January 2012)
Location: Charlotte, NC
Hobbies: Anything painting and design related, piano playing, portraiture and light sculpting


Heather Michelle was born with a paintbrush in hand. From early on she would paint anything with any medium she could find. Walls were never a solid color but covered with anything, from murals depicting Da Vinci-esque life-sized washes, to portraits on ceilings.

In 2003, Heather discovered Corel Painter and was hooked for life. Fusing her two passions, photography and painting, she created offering wholesale digital artwork to photographers worldwide. She has become known for her truly 'organic' looking, lightly impressionistic works and fairy tale 'hair' paintings.

Over the past few years, Heather's love of teaching and her passion for Painter has taken her across the United States where she mentors photographers and instructs experts and amateurs alike on how to effectively use Painter to create masterpiece portraits. In the last year, Heather has released her Breaking Out of the Box Corel Painter tutorial DVD sets (Portrait Box Set & the Modern Day Sargent set), which have received rave reviews. Her DVD sets include full start to finish paintings and her own personal brushes, which she uses daily. Heather's paintings have been featured in books and magazines worldwide, including Ballistic Publishing's Painter book, numerous PPA Loan Collections, the Official Corel Painter Magazine, Digital Photo Pro UK, After Capture and Digital Paint Magazine.

Says Heather Michelle Bjoershol

"Painter has completely changed the way I create. It has freed me up allowing my creativity to flow. In the organic media days, one of the hardest parts of creating a painting was the task of setting up. Pulling out the drop clothes, easels, setting up the lights, oils, brushes, canvas prep, palette prep... it was a mess. All I have to do now is open Painter and I'm ready to paint! I don't have to clean up messy oils, wash brushes, or worry about ventilation and wet paint.

When inspiration strikes I can paint immediately. I love the fact that I can customize brushes and even build them from scratch! To put it simply, I can't live without Painter. Even on vacation, I'm painting. It's just a part of everyday life for me now!"