Corel Painter Master - Greg Newman

Name: Greg Newman
Occupation/Profession: Artist, illustrator and designer
Employer: Freelance (Gregory Newman Studios)
Location: Charlotte, NC
Twitter: @GregNewman


Greg Newman is a professional artist, illustrator and designer with over seventeen-years' experience. In addition to a background in the advertising and creative industries, Greg has worked for a variety of clients, including National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Broadway.

Greg specializes in illustrations of wildlife and Americana, as well as portraits which utilize an uncanny, semi-realistic style of caricature.

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Says Greg Newman:

After spending so many years in traditional media, it was hard for me to make the switch to digital (and it's still not a 100% switch). Painter affords me the ability to think and work like a traditional artist with the way the brushes perform and react to the paint. Painter also allows me to make changes and explore new directions fast and efficiently while not feeling like "pixels." The ability to fine tune brushes, and calibrate individual brushes gives me the freedom to sculpt an image in ways I couldn't in traditional mediums with such a limited brush set. I've been working with digital media in one way or another for 17 years. I've never seen an app handle interpolation like Painter can.