Corel Painter Master - Dudu Torres

Name: Dudu Torres
Painting Style: Illustration


Freelance illustrator Dudu Torres is one of the extraordinary winners of the ImagineFX Rising Stars competition, sponsored by Corel. He has a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and has been working professionally as a freelance illustrator for 4 years. Growing up, Dudu's interests included game art, comics and general illustration, and during his last year of college he started pursuing his dream of working in those fields.

When Dudu first started browsing for software, that telltale metallic paint bucket caught his eye. It was the Corel® Painter™ 8 trial. As he had some background in traditional art, he found the transition into the digital world seamless.

Since then, Dudu has worked on a variety of projects, including game art, card games, book covers, CD covers and more. His preferred tools are his PC, Wacom tablet and Painter. While Dudu edits his images in Photoshop, he always uses Painter to sketch and paint his subjects, from scratch to final render. It feels natural and familiar to him.

Dudu says, "The great thing about Painter is that it's focused on bringing that organic feel and experience of traditional painting to digital art. It helps me bridge the gap between traditional and digital art because it lets me reproduce the feel of real life brushes, anticipate incredible authentic results, rotate the canvas as I please and get a great range of pressure sensitivity from simple brushes. Like a paintbrush, the stylus is now just an extension of my hand over a piece of ordinary paper."

Painter tip:
A regular workflow for me is to use some good old square chalk to lay out forms and shapes in black and white sketches. I use a cover pencil after on another layer to create line work and more complex details. Then I start using digital watercolor to fill areas with color and saturation, which preserves the black and white rendering. Use oil brushes for the final rendering, always using digital watercolor to create shadows and the Glow brush to create lighting.