Corel Painter Master - Douglas Sirois

Name: Douglas Sirois
Occupation/Profession: Illustrator


Douglas A. Sirois is an internationally known fantasy illustrator whose work has been seen across many different medias. He has illustrated comic books, book covers, DVD covers, CD covers and movie posters. Doug has been working digitally for the past decade utilizing such digital tools as Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop with the WACOM tablet.

After graduating from The Art Institute of Boston with a BFA in illustration Doug relocated to California in 2002 and has since attained an MFA in illustration from CalState Fullerton in 2009.

As a digital painter, Doug has created a niche for himself by fully painting the interiors to comic books such as Radical Publishing's, Hercules: The Knives of Kush and Image comics upcoming, The Fires of Avalon, where Corel Painter has become an essential tool. Doug has been hired by production and development studios for feature film projects utilizing his conceptual art skills where he has also created visually stunning movie poster art as well as DVD covers.

Sirois on WINTER

This painting was created as part of a series entitled The Four Seasons of the GreenMan in which I depict a more contemporary vision of the ancient mythical entity that has been known as the GreenMan. The GreenMan has represented mankind's connection to nature since Pagan times. In this piece we the GreenMan waiting in the dead of winter for his resurrection in the spring. He is a solemn character in this image as a symbol of the natural process that occurs every year.

After developing some figure studies and thumbnails to work out composition I sat down with the sketches in Corel painter and started laying colors down. Keeping in mind that I wanted this piece to symbolize the winter season, I decided to go with a cool toned monochromatic color scheme. The figure is more dramatic because he remains mostly in silhouette. I find the idea of combining a natural form such as tree branches with a human body an interesting challenge because I wanted to find a new way to depict the GreenMan unlike any that had been done prior. It was a lot of fun, that's why it turned into a series of Four!