Corel Painter Master - Dennis Orlando

Name: Dennis Orlando
Occupation/Profession: Professional Artist


Dennis Orlando, an award winning artist and an innovative pioneer in creating digital fine art, is considered by many in the international art establishment to be a Master of Contemporary Fine Art. Dennis' art has crossed-over the boundaries that have so long existed between the traditional and the digital arts. Paintings that stand-up on their own and hang with the best of the contemporary fine art world.

Dennis was born in Philadelphia, PA, USA in the 1950's and was trained as a traditional fine artist and commercial graphic designer. He received his formal training at the Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia and Bucks County College in Newtown, PA.

During the 1970's, 80's and 90's, Dennis simultaneously pursued career paths in both the fine and commercial arts. In 1988, while working as an Art Director for a marketing communications firm in PA, Dennis was responsible for setting up one of the east coasts first digital design studios. The new studio had the capability to create advertising and design projects from start-to-finish on the Apple platform using first generation desktop software. Dennis continued his commercial career as a creative director, web designer and strategist. As a fine artist, Dennis continued drawing and painting with traditional tools until 1991 when Painter, an innovative natural-media software, was introduced. With the amazing technological advances in personal computers and "Painter" digital artist software, Dennis was inspired to spend almost 20 years pioneering and perfecting the use of digital tools to create his fine art.

As a "Painter" master, Dennis' demonstrates he is in total control of the digital tools used to create his artwork. In his Churchville, PA studio, Orlando corresponds with art students and professional artists from around the world, easing beginners concerns and answering questions about digital painting. Since retiring from the commercial art world in 2000, Dennis has turned down writing books and teaching digital painting and is focused on creating and experimenting with techniques that have taken his paintings in exciting new directions.

For almost twenty-years, Orlando's paintings have been exhibited in museums, galleries, online and published in over thirty books and dozens of magazines.

Recent exhibits

Southern Nevada Museum Of Fine Art, International Contemporary Masters Exhibition Part III, Las Vegas, NV. USA. JUNE 19, 2010 through October 4, 2010. Work will continue to be exhibited at the Museum Emporium through 2011.

Artoteque 2, Art Now Online Global Art Annual, Awarded Diploma of Excellence, Artoteque, London, UK

Recent list of publications

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THE PAINTER 11 WOW! BOOK, by Cher Threinen-Pendarvis, 2010, Published by Peachpit Press, USA

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