Corel Painter Master - Cher Pendarvis

Name: Cher Pendarvis
Occupation/Profession: Artist, author and educator
Employer: Freelance
Location: San Diego, CA
Hobbies: Surfing

An award-winning artist, author and educator based in San Diego, California, Cher Threinen-Pendarvis has always worked with traditional art tools. Also a pioneer in digital art, Cher has created illustrations using the Macintosh® computer since 1987.

She has been widely recognized for her mastery of Painter™, Adobe® Photoshop® and the Wacom® pressure-sensitive tablet, using these electronic tools since they were first released. Exercising her passion for the artist tools in Corel® Painter™, Cher has worked as a consultant and demo artist for the Corel Painter development team.

Cher holds a B.F.A. with Highest Honors and Distinction in Art, specializing in painting and print making. Her artwork has been exhibited worldwide, and her articles and art have been published in many books and periodicals. She has taught Corel Painter workshops around the world and is principal of the consulting firm Cher Threinen Design. Cher is the author of all seven editions of The Painter Wow! Book.

Her most recent books are The Photoshop and Painter Tablet Book: Creative Techniques for Digital Painting and The Corel Painter IX Wow! Book, the latest edition of this highly praised volume of techniques and inspiration.

Cher's Web site is

Says Cher Pendarvis:
Agaves on the Edge, Summer is one in a series of my paintings of seascapes of the ocean cliffs in San Diego County. I love this location because the view is spectacular and inspirational, yet also calm and peaceful. I have drawn and painted at this location many times, at different times of the day and in different weather. The inspiration for this painting was one late morning on a bright sunny day with a brisk wind. My work reflects Pacific Coast roots. I paint real places, based on sketches done on location—not to imitate nature, but to express a personal vision. I am passionate about light and color in nature, and how these properties affect form.

To begin Agaves on the Edge, Summer, I made conventional sketches on location in my sketchbook. Back at my studio, I assembled all of the sketches and used them for reference as I developed the painting in Corel Painter IX.