Corel Painter Master - Andrew Jones

Name: Andrew Jones
Occupation/Profession: Concept artist and educator
Employer: Retro Studios
Location: California


Andrew Jones has been involved in creating concepts for films and video games for the last seven years. He has worked as an artist for Industrial Light and Magic, Black Isle Studios, Retro Studios and is currently working as an art director for Massive Black.

He was the conceptual force behind Nintendo's Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Andrew is a co-founder of an Internet art community (, in which he actively participates. He also teaches conceptual art workshops around the world.

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Says Andrew Jones:
This image is a part of a tutorial that presents the process involved in creating a variety of monsters, from thumbnail sketches to rendered creatures. When fully transformed, these sketches become an entire universe of characters to inhabit a game world.

The most important visual characteristic of any three-dimensional (3D) game character is the overall silhouette or shape. This shape identifies the character from afar and corresponds to its inherent game play. A successful character, therefore, must have an interesting and unique shape.