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Wouldn’t you love to have a book of your own photos, printed and bound professionally – just like a book you buy in a bookshop? It is recommended that you do some planning and selection around a unifying theme or event, such as a family trip.


Open PaintShop Photo Express.  The default number of pages per book is 22, so considering that there are 2-3 photos per page, you should select between 40-50 high-resolution photos for your book.  Make any cleanups or edits as described in the previous tutorial.  If you have 10 almost identical poses or scenes, be ruthless and choose just one or two that best represent the subject.



Drag your selected photos into the Media Tray, and in the Toolbar, select Create /Photo book.  Select a Style that suits the mood or theme of your pictures, and select Go to Photo Book.  PaintShop Photo automatically populates your book with the photos you have selected. 



Now you can go through and rearrange the photos by dragging them around in the Media Tray, perhaps grouping shots of the same subject, or arranging them chronologically. Click Auto Fill to update the new arrangement.  You can also drag photos from one placeholder to another here



Click on any photo and select either the hand icon to move it around in the frame, or zoom in and out using the slider. Sometimes a horizontal photo is placed in a vertical frame.  Either replace the photo with a vertical one, or go to Layouts and select a page that has a vertical frame in the desired position.



When you see an icon like this on a photo, the resolution is too small.  It may look fine on your screen but it will look very grainy when printed. You could solve the problem by replace the photo with a larger version, or select a different photo, or try to choose a layout with smaller frames. 


Add photo captions to give your reader a sense of what they are looking at.   Avoid obvious statements such as “Catherine smiling at the camera” or “Johnny sitting on a rock”.  Your viewer can see that!  Offer additional color like “Day 5, Taking a break from paddling.” Or “Johnny was so excited with his Christmas bicycle!” You can change the font, color and style of the text by clicking on the text box.



Also note that if you think a photo is a little dark or can use some other adjustment, you can double-click on it and the Express Editor will open.  When you’re happy with the result, just click the Back button to see the result updated in your book.


When you are happy with your book, click Output Photo book.  You have several options to choose from:  With Print Project, you could print it yourself on double-sided photo paper, protecting it with a binder or between hard covers.

Another interesting option is Silverlight. This will create an self-playing file that you can simply send to someone; when they open it, they can view an interactive version of your book on their PC – even realistically turning over pages with a click.

The last and most exciting option is of course to have your book professionally-printed.  Click on Order Online to see if this service is available in your region.  You can also save your book as a PDF and send it to online sites like and for printing.  Just follow the directions, and soon you’ll have a beautifully-printed book in your hands.  Imagine how excited grandma and grandpa will be to get a family keepsake like this!

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