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When coming back from an event, you want to post some photos to Facebook or Flickr right away to share with your friends. But before you start, consider that almost any photo can be improved, and PaintShop Photo Express can do that for you – easy and fast!


Sometimes a photo taken an angle can give them a more dramatic look - but if the angle is just a little bit “off” it usually looks unintentional.  Fortunately this is easily fixed! Open your photos in Corel PaintShop Photo Express. Click on Straighten and align a vertical or horizontal line of your photo with the grid overlay, to ensure that your photo is straight up. Click Apply when you are satisfied. (Note: at any time, you can click on the “Revert to Original” button to undo any changes you have made.)


While it is good to have one or two photos that show the location, photos usually have more impact if people are tightly framed.  In the Crop window, note the “Rule of Thirds” lines – you may improve a composition by cropping so that strong vertical or horizontal lines lie on the guides instead of exactly in the middle. 

Choose Portrait (vertical) or Landscape (Horizontal) for cropping.  Constrain means you can resize the box, but it will always be a rectangle at the same aspect ratio.  Double-click the image or click Apply.



Next, click the Quick Fix button.  This does a quick analysis of your photo and adjusts the exposure to an optimum level.  If you don’t like the result, simply undo the effect.

Click the arrows below your picture to advance to the next, and make any adjustments you feel are necessary to your other photos in the same way. 



Hover over More Tools and you can tweak exposure and add effects, such as Makeover - whitening teeth and removing skin blemishes.  In this case, let’s just add a decorative edge to our photo, by clicking on the Edges and selecting a suitable one.  When you are done, click Back and you will be in the browser window again. 



In the Media Organiser, select your 4-5 best photos to upload to Facebook, (avoid uploading countless photos of essentially the same scene or people!)  and drag them into the Media Tray.  Select Share from the toolbar, and click on Facebook



In the Corel Uploader you will be asked for your login information, and when you are ready, click Start Upload. When the upload has been completed, click Done


Now you will see a link to your “Corel Uploader” photo album in PaintShop Photo, so you can open it directly from here. In Facebook, confirm the photos you have uploaded, and if you want, rename the album by selecting Organise Photos/Edit Info, and renaming it. 
Now, with just a few clicks and without leaving the application, you have made your photos look their best before presenting them to the world! 

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